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We're your trusted source for Seattle plumbing services. Our expert will quickly assess and resolve your water, drain and sewer problems.

We understand your budget for plumbing services may be tight and we are an affordable plumber. Each licensed plumbing technician that we have on staff is just a phone call away!

Seattle Plumbing Company

Seattle Plumbing Company

When you need a Seattle Plumbing Company no one beats Beacon Plumbing. Started in 1999, Beacon has become Seattle's Best Plumber.
Hire a Local Seattle Plumber

Hire a Local Seattle Plumber

As a leading Seattle Plumber we are a fast local option. Our team can also provide bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

Heat Pump Services by Beacon Plumbing

Heat pump is the best option when you are looking for an effective, energy-efficient, safe, reliable and durable system for keeping your interiors suitably cool or warm. The system transfers the inside heat out to cool your property cool during summers and reverses the operation to heat up the place during winters.

Heat pump installation is a good idea to save on utility costs and have cleaner indoor air while keeping your home or office comfortable. Beacon Plumbing is happy to offer heat pump services to help people enjoy year-round interior comfort. We cater to residential as well as commercial requirements for heat pump services.

Our company has the expertise, experience and resources for handling any job that involves working on heat pumps. The wide-ranging heat pump services offered by us include:

  • Installation
  • Repairs
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Replacement and upgrades

We offer these heat pump services for pre-scheduled as well as emergency jobs.

Heat Pump Installation

As a company that places a high premium on quality, we are committed to getting every heat pump installation job done to match the highest levels of precision.

We send across only highly skilled, seasoned technicians to carry out the heat pump installation. Our experts begin with a thorough assessment of your property to assess its heating/cooling needs and match these with a heat pump of the right size and quality.

While making the heat pump installation, our technicians work with:

  • Keen attention to detail
  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • Due notice of the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Strict compliance to the local codes
  • Care to avoid damaging the property

Our skilful, accurate heat pump installation ensures that your system delivers optimal efficiency and longevity, along with minimal downtime.

Heat Pump Inspection

Heat pump inspection is another job for which property owners seek our heat pump services. Like all other HVAC systems, heat pumps need to inspected and tuned-up at regular intervals to keep them maintained in top condition.

In fact, timely professional heat pump inspection is all the more important because the system has to run virtually all through the year. We are available for carrying out seasonal heat pump inspection in homes and commercial buildings.

The objective of our heat pump inspection services is to:

  • Confirm proper working of all components
  • Detect budding issues to get them fixed in time
  • Clean and service the unit, keeping it fit for continued use

Choose Beacon Plumbing for heat pump inspection, maintenance, repair, installation and replacement. Call (206) 452-3130 to schedule heat pump services.


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