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We're your trusted source for Seattle plumbing services. Our expert will quickly assess and resolve your water, drain and sewer problems.

We understand your budget for plumbing services may be tight and we are an affordable plumber. Each licensed plumbing technician that we have on staff is just a phone call away!

Seattle Plumbing Company

Seattle Plumbing Company

When you need a Seattle Plumbing Company no one beats Beacon Plumbing. Started in 1999, Beacon has become Seattle's Best Plumber.
Hire a Local Seattle Plumber

Hire a Local Seattle Plumber

As a leading Seattle Plumber we are a fast local option. Our team can also provide bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

Heat Pumps by Beacon Plumbing

heat pumpProperty owners who are looking for an efficient solution for keeping the interiors cozy during winters and cool during summers should consider investing in a heat pump.

The function of a heat pump involves transferring heat from one location to another. In the cold months, a heat pump system absorbs the thermal energy from outside air and pumps it inside the building. This cycle reverses in the summer months to cool down the interiors.

Obviously, heat pumps are different from the conventional air conditioners or furnaces. Besides being versatile, a heat pump system:

  • Is more energy-efficient
  • Has a longer lifespan
  • Is easier to maintain

Heat pumps work great for both residential and commercial locations.

Interested in investing in a cost-effective way of ensuring year-round interior comfort? Get in touch with Beacon Plumbing to know more about heat pumps.


Heat Pump System

Heat Pump SystemWe are a leading HVAC contractor that offers wide-ranging heating and cooling services. Our capabilities include heat pump system installation, repair and maintenance.

Make us your first call when looking to get a new heat pump system installed in your home/business place. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need the existing worn-out system replaced, or have need of a routine inspection and servicing of your system scheduled.

A heat pump system is an important and valuable investment. When it comes to heat pump repair, maintenance or new installs, it is best to hire experienced professionals like us to be sure the job gets done seamlessly.

Our technicians are well-versed with the engineering of heat pumps and have vast experience in working on them. You can trust them to:

  • Guide you in choosing a good quality, right-sized heat pump
  • Install your heat pump system properly
  • Perform accurate and lasting heat pump repair
  • Carry out thorough maintenance servicing of the system


Heat Pump Repair

The malfunctioning of a heat pump system is not something to be taken lightly. Unlike the typical heating and cooling systems, heat pumps operate throughout the year during both winter and summer seasons. As such, the units are subject to greater wear and tear.

Putting off heat pump repair or calling in the local handyman for the repairs can aggravate the damage. Contact our heat pump repair experts immediately when you observe something wrong with your system. Our technicians can get the heat pump repair done right with:

  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Top-grade replacement parts
  • Enduring solutions

Trust your heat pump repair, maintenance and installation needs to Beacon Plumbing. Dial (253) 271-4010


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